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Could you imagine needing therapy for your job? Ok maybe bad analogy. Better yet, could you imagine needing therapy to perform the job you loved? How would you feel if the pressure to perform just became too much to handle and you had to step down? Well this is the very disorder that has caused Tom Durkin to step down from his job of announcing the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and Belmont Stakes for NBC. Durkin said he took medication and even tried therapy but nothing helped and that he would feel a wave of stress and nervousness during the three months of these events. Stress and anxiety is a problem many of us may face and not know it. According to around 13% of the population will suffer from some kind of anxiety. Though anxiety is what helps keep us aware of danger and allows us to feel trepidation when taking on certain tasks, it is still important to know how to manage your anxiety. Ricky Williams once suffered from anxiety so much that he at one point couldn’t talk to reporters without his helmet on. Tom Durkin will still announce horse races for the New York Racing Association three tracks Aqueduct, The Belmont Stakes, and Saratoga. However, he has no plans to do them on a national level, saying it’s more important to look out for your personal life more than your professional life. So for all of us let this be a reminder that nothing is more important than your health and that no one or anything is in more control of your mood than you. If you wish for more information of dealing with anxiety, below are a few links that deal with preventing anxiety and some self help steps to take to help deal with stress.

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