What’s the Rush?

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As a kid I remember I never wanted the game to end, if possible I would play from sun up to sun down. Now that I’m older and understand the essence of time, I wish I had that kind of time again. Now, all I hear are people complaining that baseballs games are too long. Are you serious? Yes, occasionally we’ll have our 3 1/2 hour game that just seems to drag on, but what do you expect from a baseball game. The very attribute that makes it special is the very thing you’re complaining about. The fact that baseball doesn’t have a clock or time limit is unique. The game takes on its own pace, there’s no limit to how fast or slow the pitcher has to work. It’s also a form of strategy, a pitcher that works slowly could take a batter out of his normal rhythm. Alternatively, a pitcher that works fast to the benefit to his defense so they don’t get lulled to sleep with a slow pace. I think the issue is not so much the length of the game, but the quality of the game. Does anybody complain about a 3-hour movie if it keeps you the edge of your seat? No. So if the baseball game were a 3-2 nail biter would you complain then? I highly doubt it. The fact of the matter is with all the expansion talent is spread out so teams have less chance to stockpile talent to keep the product on the field consistently competitive and entertaining. Just think, if there was a time limit or some form of clock management, that 20-inning thriller the Mets and Cardinals just showcased last season would’ve never happened. Moreover, that’s what makes baseball so different. The game could go on forever, and it’s up to those on the field to get the job done. In addition, remember if you didn’t want to spend 3 hours being entertained watching baseball, just think of the last movie you watched that was a dud.

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