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In their last ten games the Indians have only won three games and with their loss on Saturday they have lost the last 2 out of three series. Granted both to good teams the Rays and the Rangers, however there are a few things that are troubling. The Tribe’s offense has gone ghost like Patrick Swayze and the only player providing any real threat has been Asdrubal Cabrera. Now I understand with Travis Hafner out you do lose some of the protection you would have, but the one thing this team has been great at during their winning streaks has been team efforts. And just as equally during this losing patch they have struggled offensively as a team. They’ve only scored 40 runs in their last ten games while giving up 80. That by no means is a formula for success. And in seven of those games they scored 2 runs or less and they lost all seven. We could whine and moan about the pitching not being up to par but when you aren’t putting up any runs you don’t leave yourself with any cushion for error. They now hold only a 3.5 game lead over the Tigers and if they’re not careful they could give the Whitesox some hope that they can make their way back into the divisional race. So what’s my solution; forget that the last ten games even happened. Starting from today is a new streak. If they can get a win against the Rangers they’ll end their current losing streak. Then you have Bradley and Sizemore both in the line and bat Sizemore in the bottom half of the order. Next, move Choo around so he can work out of his slump. Sometimes batting in a different spot gives you a different look and could be the spark that gets him on track. Though I’m playing manager I have total confidence in Many Acta, he’s guided this team this far, so I’m willing to wait and see what he does to bring them out of this rough patch.

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