Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

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Well for about 7 weeks I’ve officially been on the Indians bandwagon and it has not been a smooth ride. Grady Sizemore outside of his first week back has been struggling and the Indians offense goes through more ups and downs than a rollercoaster ride. Now that is to be expected from a team with inconsistent offense, but what is more troubling is that the Indians struggle beating teams with winning records. You see, the thing is they don’t and that is my problem. They have lost 9 of 15 series’ against teams with winning records to date. The Tribe has above average pitching and can hang with almost anyone in the league in that department. But the name of the game is to score more runs than your opponent, and if that offense doesn’t get it together, this will be another year wasted. Need I remind you of 2005 when they had the best pitching in the league and just missed the playoffs even though they won 93 games. I would love for them to make a move to bring in a bat, something to spark this offense, however I know that would require trading away a prospect that they covet. Then that brings in a phrase often used, is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush? Who knows what that prospect will turn into; they could be the next big thing or develop into a bust and a waste of time. I understand this is sellers market, so I’m not expecting them to give everything away, but when do you take the big risk for the big reward? Eventually you have to take chances and seeing how I don’t think this team is going to all of a sudden turn into the ’95 Indians offensively, you need to do something to generate a spark. I’m still on the bandwagon, but for me to stay here they’re going to need to start winning some series against teams with winning records and putting some crooked numbers on the scoreboard.

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