For Kicks & Giggles

For Kicks & Giggles

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The USA women’s soccer team lost the World Cup to Japan over the weekend, and for all the fervor and excitement that was shown, the instance that game was over, women’s soccer, and soccer in general was a mere after thought here in the states. I’m all for patriotism and supporting my country’s teams, but let’s be real, very few people care about soccer if their kids or relatives aren’t playing. As happy as I was about them making it to the World Cup final, I could really care less about soccer. It’s boring, low scoring and it’s boring. The thing I hate most is, anytime some big soccer match comes around out of the wood works comes these big soccer aficionados and as soon as it’s over, they disappear like bats into the night. Soccer is ok, but no need to try to make it what it’s not here and as far as the game goes, the women’s’ team choked away a chance at a title, 3 missed penalty kicks, and lost chances throughout regulation. Maybe now the comparisons to the 1999 team can stop and we can allow each team that makes a run at a title have their own identity.

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