Micheal Beasley Putting Pot Holes in the Game

Micheal Beasley Putting Pot Holes in the Game

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Micheal Beasley one of the most talented players in the game is in danger of falling off like many other players that had decent talent. Beasley was caught in Minnesota with weed on him and if not for a lockout he’d be facing a suspension for sure. Beasley has alot of talent and potential but if he can’t find a way to put down the bong he’ll regarded the same as those who came before him who flamed out and didn’t reach their potential. Can you say Glen Robinson, hopefully Beasley can get it together, a front line of Kevin Love, Beasley, and Derrick could be very potent. Ok, maybe bad choice of words, but it definitely has the chance to get Timberwolves fans hopes sky high.


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