Take Your Ball & Go Home

Take Your Ball & Go Home

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A piece of yarn wrapped in a cloth of leather and 108 stitches has been the cause of much conversation the last few days. On Saturday Derek Jeter accomplished his 3,000 career hit. But it was no ordinary hit, he become only the second player to have his 3,000th hit be a homerun (Wade Boggs being the other).  Christian Lopez was the fortunate fan to catch this historic ball and did the honorable thing and gave the ball back to Jeter. In exchange he received luxury suite tickets to Yankee home games for the rest of the season, a picture with Jeter, signed jerseys and other merchandise. However, none of this adds up to the amount of cash he could’ve gotten had he held on to the ball just a little longer. That homerun ball is rumored to be valued at a couple hundred thousand dollars and the things he could’ve done with that money is way more than what he can get for that merchandise that was given to him. Now I’m not saying he’s a bad dude for giving the ball back, but for a guy that sells cell phones as well, I think I would’ve kept that ball, paid off some debt to alleviate some of the burden from me living check to check. You don’t get this chance to cash in your lottery ticket everyday so you must open the door when opportunity knocks. Congrats to him, but I would’ve taken my ball and went home.

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