Braylon & His Beard in Trouble Again

Braylon & His Beard in Trouble Again

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I was all prepared to pitch the idea that Braylon Edwards would be a good fit with the 49ERS or the Steelers, but then I read that Braylon and his Beard can’t seem to stay out of trouble. At a bar in Birmingham, Michigan him and his entourage got into a scuffle with some employees which resulted in a bar employee requiring 14 stitches, one bar employee and two members of Braylons’ crew being taken into custody. When will Braylon learn to stay out of bars, he’s ruining any chance of getting that huge contract he wants this off season. His best case scenario night be signing a short deal and staying out of trouble for a year and trying again next off season. I think he’d be a nice fit in Pittsburgh, that would give Big Ben that tall receiver he wants and it puts him in place he can win. The Cardinals would be an ok fit, but he would have to be willing to be the number 2 guy. The 49ERS he could easily be the number one guy above Michael Crabtree, and with Vernon Davis being the main middle of the field threat that’ll allow Braylon to focus on being the deep threat and work outside the numbers. We’ll see where he lands, but in the meantime hopefully he can find some serenity in that beard while he waits.

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