Far From Head of the Class

Far From Head of the Class

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Poor Eli, it must be a tough life to live, always regarded as the second best qb in his family behind his brother Peyton, and sometimes never given the credit he deserves. So what does Eli do, he goes out and says that he’s in the same class as Tom Brady when asked. Now I understand that after so much criticism you must stand up for yourself, but making that statement just makes him sound crazy. No way is he in the top echelon of quarterbacks. Eli just like his older brother has a tendency to get erratic and go interception crazy. Yes, I will recognize that he is very good, in that second tier, and with him having a super bowl ring  that does give him added value. However he just doesn’t do enough for me, 5 out of 7 years he’s thrown 14 or more interceptions, too many for taste. And outside of that Super Bowl run in 2007, never have I felt that when Eli is at the helm that he’s going to be the reason the Giants win. Now that’s not to say he shouldn’t strive to be that or believe it himself, I just wouldn’t say things like that out lout that’s all.

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