Get Out of His Pockets

Get Out of His Pockets

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Cleveland Browns rookie Phil Taylor is currently engaged in a 4 day long holdout so far and all over radio I keep hearing people bash him saying he should just sign his contract and get into camp. Don’t worry about the guaranteed years, just sign to whatever the Browns are offering. In what other business negotiation does this mindset make sense? First of all who are we to tell that man what he’s worth and how much he needs to feel that he’s getting a fair deal. None of us would sign on for a job until we ironed out any wrinkles that we felt weren’t right. So why is this any different? Considering NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed and the biggest obstacle they are having is the amount of guaranteed years, I can’t blame the kid and his agent for trying to make sure that if anything happens he’ll be taken care of. Fans and media people alike forget that although this is a game that they play on the field, this is big business and as important as it is to understand the playbook, that it’s equally important to get a contract that he is comfortable with. If he just signed any ole thing, and performed like a mad man and then asked to restructure his deal for more money most people will go to the ‘you should honor the contract you signed’ card. So I don’t blame Taylor for making sure he gets as much as he can. The NFL is a cold business and should be viewed as such. Yes he may be missing some time by not being in camp by the fist day, but with what the Browns have at offensive line, I doubt that he won’t be a starter even though he’ll be in camp late. Hopefully fans and media will get out of his pockets and understand that he has to get a deal he feels is fair.

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