Hanging From the Rafters

Hanging From the Rafters

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Bingo Smith, Larry Nance, Mark Price, Austin Carr, Nate Thurmond, Brad Daugherty and now “Big Z” Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be honored among Cavalier greats as the organization will retire his number whenever the lockout is over. Good for him, he endured so much with his injuries and for him to peservere and have a servicable career was a great site to see. Although he did run down to Miami to win a ring, the legacy he will leave here will never be forgotten. However, this sparks the convo of when the time comes will the Cavs hang LeBrons’ jersey when he retires? Should they? In my opinion, yes they should. Will they, HECK NO! Time heals all wounds but it doesn’t erase scars, and no matter how great his time here was, fans won’t want to celebrate his career, even the good times he had. Nonetheless, when it comes time to celebrate Big Z’s career I’m sure fans will shower him with praise.


  1. Yet another reason “the decision” was such a bad move. ‘Bron is a low-class bum, and doesn’t deserve to have his jersey up there with the rest of those guys. Not over our town, at least.

    • Jb Smooth84 says:

      I disagree, it’s not the popluar opinion, but he deserves to be up there for what he did during his time here. But for as long as Dan Gilbert is the owner we know it’ll never happen

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