Indians Stock Falling

Indians Stock Falling

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With 4 losses in a row, tied for second place, and 5 and a half games out of first place the Indians look to be falling out of the playoff. I say there’s no need to panic, you still have a month and a half of the season to go, and 14 games with the White Sox (8 games) and Tigers ( 6 games) so if the Indians can just pull it together they can still end up on top of the division. Now it does seem like the deck is stacked against them with Travis Hafner going to the disabled list and Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching like a 5th starter instead of an ace, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t win. This is where you find out if your team has what it takes to be a champion, if they continue to fight when the chips are down. I won’t allow this team to rely on the excuse of being young, having a coach who is in their first pennant race, at the end of the day the name of the game is to win baseball games, and though the stakes are higher and pressure is more intense, the approach should stay the same. Too many times in Cleveland we’re just happy to be in the race because so often we’ve been bad. At some point you have to hold teams accountable and expect more from them. This team has for the most part performed pretty well, and though it was a surprise to many, that doesn’t mean we should just be happy with being surprisingly good. When circumstances change so should expectations. So me, I’m not giving up on the Tribe yet and hopefully you aren’t either, vote below on what you think.



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