Terrell Owens & the Job Search

Terrell Owens & the Job Search

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What does Terrell Owens, future first ballot hall of famer have in common with 9.2% of Americans? He’s looking for a job, and with the season just 29 days away it looks like T.O  is receiving the Allen Iverson treatment. I understand he has his flaws, but at this point of his career he can’t afford to cause waves, so you may get a T.O. that is focused on one goal, and that’s winning a championship. He can still produce the last two seasons on bad teams he’s put up respectable numbers and has been a model citizen and for all the criticism he gets for being a bad teammate, most times he only became disgruntled when the team started losing and he wasn’t given the chance to contribute. The media never mentions when T.O. is a good soldier, and mocks him when he stands up for something other than himself (i.e. remember the whole ‘that’s my quarterback’ quote). I definitely believe he could give a contender an added boost at the wideout position, and give you 50 catches and be a player that can groom their younger receivers. He could definitely fit in on the Giants, and with a team like the Colts he’d definitely fall in line with how they do things there. You just can’t convince me that there are 64 recievers better than T.O. and that he doesn’t deserve a chance to prove he can still produce. And for those wondering about T.O. and his knee, below is a link to a  video of him showing off his footwork.


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  1. Good Post. I agree with you in not knowing what you are going to get with this guy, and that is why he still has not been picked up. And I also agree with you that whoever gambles with this guy and picks him up is going to be rewared in the end. He still has talent and can make a team better with the threat he brings to the field.

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