Bruschi Goes off on Ochocinco

Bruschi Goes off on Ochocinco

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A harmless tweet and acknowledgement of his teams offensive execution has rubbed some people the wrong way. Teddy Bruschi went off on Ochocinco for his tweet that praised the way Tom Brady orchestrated the offense Monday night. Bruschi made the case that he should get off twitter and get in his playbook so instead of being in awe of the performance he can be apart of it. To me this is crazy, in no way is Chad tweeting impacting him grasping the offense. Perrhaps he’s having a hard time because he’s coming from Cincinatti a completely different system and since there was a shortened off season he hasn’t had enough time to understand the nuances. I understand that the Patriots are Bruschis’ old team but sounds like the bitter old guy looking for a reason to pick on the new guy. It’s not like Chad hurt the team and caused them to lose in his lack of understanding, and its only week 1! Now if this was week 13 and he still doesn’t understand the offense, different story, but don’t blame him sending out a harmless tweet and claim that he’s unfocused. This has to be the first time a player praised his team and got slammed for it

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  1. Leave it to a former linebacker to be critical. It’s just my two cents, but I think being a wideout is a hell of a lot more complicated in the NFL than a linebacker. Bruschi’s job was to read, react and be an angry wall of meat. I’m not saying it isn’t a tough gig, but c’mon. I think Ocho has proven he can play wide receiver. Lots of NFL players tweet. I think we can give Chad a pass, no pun, on this one. Grow up, Bruschi.

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