Katt Williams Goes H.A.M on a Fan

Katt Williams Goes H.A.M on a Fan

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Its been a while since Katt Williams has been atop the comedic world, but in the last few weeks he’s been int news for verbally attacking fans. Now as a comic there’s a fine line they walk between being provocative versus insulting. Katt Williams in a California comedy club after being heckeld by a fan started directing his jokes to a fan. Well the fan got insulted. But when you go to a comedy show u have to rememeber you’re on their turf so be careful what you say because the man with the mic will always win.

Well in a recent performance Katt had his buttons pushed by another fan and decided to let him know that if security didn’t take care of it he will. Now yes, I’m concerned that he keeps threatening fans, but why is Katt wearing glamour bracelets and purple cumberbuns that look like gurdles? I like Katt vand hope he gets it together, cause he’s funny. However on the path he’s on we may see him going UFC with some fan before long. Check out the video below to see how his performance went in Cincinatti.


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