Music Review: Kahsyno Memoirs of a Time Traveler (mixtape)

Music Review: Kahsyno Memoirs of a Time Traveler (mixtape)

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Kahsyno (pronounced Casino) has released his second mix tape Memoirs of a Time Traveler with Dj Battlecat behind him does he hit the jackpot or is he left with no chips?


The tape starts off with an old school sample and then gradually comes the hard hitting drum for Hollaback, where he gives you memorable lines like “Keep a lot of green like an A’s” fan. The beat is hot and it’s a decent song for an intro. Hollaback is followed up by Dumb, which sounds like his club song. After hearing him perform this live the recorded version sounds like it lacks the energy necessary for me to go dumb. Not a bad song though the beat is straight, absolutely something to play in the car to let the speakers bump. Rated X and How Could You have nice beats (Rated X the better of the two) the lyrics were cool but it comes off like he’s trying too hard to relate and make a ladies track. On Rated X there was a too much talking during the intro, and at the end the conversation went just a little too long and wore out its welcome by its close. Next up is Shoe Game where he uses a Lil Wayne sample to brag on his shoe game. The first time I listened to this song, I hated it, but it grew on me, one of the lines that stuck with me were “when it’s time to party/ decide on a pair of Barkley’s’ when feeling sadity/ throw on a pair penny’s”. So if you’re a shoe head this song will definitely have you checking your shoe collection in comparison. On KO Kahsyno makes it a point to tell you he’s ready to bubble like root beer. He sounds most comfortable on songs like this throughout the cd where he’s allowed to be lyrical. Live Wit It has the same effect as dumb, I’ve seen him perform this live, and the recorded version comes off just a little dry. However, if it’s your first time hearing it, it’s definitely a toe tapper. Lookin For A |Dime and I’ma Get Her have the kind of energy you would expect from club songs; however for me lyrically they don’t showcase his true skills or measure up to the bar he set on other songs. On I’ma Get Her he’s outshined by his comrades and comes off sounding listless. Nonetheless the beats these songs are accompanied with will probably have listeners not paying much attention to the lyrics.

My favorite track on the cd is Can’t Stop Me; he talks about overcoming obstacles and being focused on his goals. With lyrics like “I get ya mind high just like a poppy seed” he keeps your attention throughout the whole song, and with Froggy G on the hook and DJ Battlecat on the boards this song is one of the best on the cd. Had We Met is a track where he speaks about meeting a chick and contemplates had they met somewhere else would the relationship be different. “Way before Kahsyno, back then just Thomas/I’m still the same dude now I promise/ just a lil older, a lil more polished” is how he tries to tell her he’s the same guy he’s always been. This song seems more like him and how he would approach the ladies compared to Rated X. Feel good music is just what it sounds like, upbeat instrumental and lyricism to accompany. Nice follow up to Had We Met, it keeps the feel good vibe going. Stay seems out of sequence, sounds like an emcee venting his frustration, though a good song but breaks up the feel good vibe that rounded out the album. Nevertheless, to end the cd is Toast where he toast and to all those who have helped him along his journey, fitting song to end with. All in all I’d definitely recommend this album to anyone. He’s not your run of the mill rapper talking about drugs and guns just because. He gives you lyrics, some joints to play in your ride and some rock to in the club. On a scale of 1-10 it’s a solid 7.5. It’s without doubt a cd I’d keep in the car to throw in.


Can’t Stop Me

Had We Met


Feel Good Music

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