Stern Calls Agents Greedy in Latest NBA Lockout Barb

Stern Calls Agents Greedy in Latest NBA Lockout Barb

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While the NBA players weigh the current proposal from the owners, David Stern has taken to the media and blaming the agents for giving their clients bad advice and being greedy.

According to Stern is quoted as saying “I just think that the players aren’t getting the information, the true information from their agents, who are banding together, sort of the coalition of the greedy and the mendacious, to do whatever they can not to have fewer opportunities for the agents to make money”.

Stern also disagrees with the players belief that decertifying the union would generate any leverage and saying “it’s not a winning strategy and “it’ll take three months to teach them it’s not a winning strategy, which would not augur well for the season”.

While it has been clear the players have little to no leverage, the tone of Sterns’ comments insinuate that they should trust whatever deal the owners place on the table. Saying you’re no longer wishing to negotiate and it’s either take this deal or a less favorable one is not indicative of a group wanting to work out a deal, but rather a group in power wanting to flex its muscles and prove they are superior.

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