LeBron James Apologizes; Happy Now?

LeBron James Apologizes; Happy Now?

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Are you happy now? Do you feel vindicated world? LeBron James finally went on TV and said he was sorry, admitted to his mistake that was ‘The Decision’ and said he would do it differently if he could. He didn’t pass this off on his team, manager, family or pressure. He took it on the chin. A little too late, maybe, nonetheless he copped to it, isn’t that what we all wanted?

Now for those of us that live in Cleveland I’m not here to say get over it, but there must be a line drawn, wouldn’t you agree? The vulgar name calling isn’t needed, and I’m not asking you love him.

However, let’s treat him, like every other villain we’ve had. Boo him emphatically; hope he misses every big shot and that his team loses every big game. But I don’t think there is any reason to allow it to be personal.

As a fan, I’ve moved on, he was never my favorite player because of his game, but I rooted for him because he played for my team and it was nice having the best player in the league on your team. Do I wish he would’ve given the Cavs 2 weeks’ notice so they could prepare? Yes. However, the man wanted to get away from home, leave the nest and play with some dudes he thought could help him achieve his goal. Mind you, most of us have these same feelings and either our situation doesn’t allow us to make the same move LeBron did, or we’re too scared to take the risk. Give him credit for taking a risk, going against the grain, and though it didn’t work in its first year, if he gets a ring or two, wouldn’t you say it was worth it?

But answer my question NBA, basketball, sports fans. Are you happy, isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted from every professional athlete, accountability? So will you give him credit for that, will you now judge him only on his play on the court and leave his personality flaws (which we all have) out of the equation.

Or will the vitriol remain until you feel like it’s enough?

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