Why the Rush to get Rid of Baron Davis?

Why the Rush to get Rid of Baron Davis?

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If you listened to a lot of talk going around, you’d think Baron Davis is finished and has nothing left to offer. You ask me, and I’ll tell you that for a team with a young core, highly touted rookie point guard and in dire need of leadership, Baron can give a lot to a team right now especially the Cleveland Cavs.

What most will dismiss is Baron hasn’t been fully healthy the last few years of his career; so what better place to be than Cleveland, with one of the best collection of hospitals in the world (Cleveland Clinic, Metro Health, University Hospitals). However, his back issues and lack of support with the Clippers may have contributed to his lack luster play. The Clippers have been historically bad, and when they didn’t retain Elton Brand to play with him what else did he have to look forward to besides playing at home. Not to mention, sometimes playing at home, can be more a detriment. Not to say it was a distraction, but it’s like when he got back to Los Angeles, he fell into the black hole of the NBA.

His value with the Cavs comes in when you look at their roster, there are very few players that can stand up in the locker room and command respect from day one. Thus after a lockout, a training camp that will be shortened and rushed, who are the young guys supposed to look to for guidance, who is going to take them under their wing and show them the ropes. Only 3 players on the team have been in the league 7 years or longer, and most of the guys with more than 2 years of experience have been journey men or 8th/9th guys on the bench, but are getting a chance with us because we’re that bad.

So before you get so gung ho to trade away a two time all star consider the ramifications. Furthermore before you say they can use him in the amnesty program (a provision that allows you to release a player and have his salary not count against the salary cap), he’s more valuable to them on the team than playing for someone else, considering they would still be paying him. I’m pretty sure Dan Gilbert or any other billionaire, isn’t interested in paying people to go away. I’m not saying that having a mentor is going to guarantee that Kyrie Irving becomes a top flight point guard, but having a peer you can relate to makes the transition a lot smoother.

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