Saints Coach Sean Payton Banned From All Contact with NFL

Saints Coach Sean Payton Banned From All Contact with NFL

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Head coach Sean Payton lost his appeal of his yearlong suspension from coaching and now will have to wait until after the Super Bowl to apply to be reinstated.

As reported by the terms of his suspension include that he is to have no contact with any one that is currently employed by the New Orleans Saints or anyone in the NFL period. No phone calls, text or emails. If he does make contact with someone, he must inform the league of the incident and they will rule from there.

This is going to be quite interesting, considering that Sean Payton and General Manager of the Saints Mickey Loomis own beach homes on the about one mile apart from each other. Per the terms of the suspension they are to not talk to each other, and if they happen to run into each other they have to tell the league.

Where Payton went wrong, is he repeatedly lied to Commissioner Roger Goodell about the existence of a bounty program and instructed his assistant coaches to lie as well. If it’s one thing we’ve learned about Goodell, never lie to the man, because if you do, he will drop an anvil of punishment on you, special ordered from acme.

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However, all isn’t lost thanks to PeytonsHead on twitter, we now also know what Coach Paytons schedule will look like this year.

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