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Washington Wizards Andray Blatche Hosting Season Finale After Party

Washington Wizards Andray Blatche Hosting Season Finale After Party

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When you play for the Washington Wizards and your team has the second worst record in the league, what would you do to close out the season? Some people would say, they’re going to go into hiding, no need to have people clowning you for your terrible season. Others would say, hit the gym with a vengeance and come back better prepared.

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Well Andray Blatche has other plans. As pointed out in the flyer, he’s hosting an after party after the Wizards final game of the season. Now I’m not going to say that he shouldn’t party, hang out, and kick. But what I will say is, there’s a time and a place, and this just comes off bad. Considering how bad you and your team sucked, if the first thing I hear you doing is partying and attempting to drink your losses away, that just isn’t going to resonate with some.

Once again, not saying don’t go kick, just saying don’t rub it in people’s faces that “I’m rich, even though we have 44 losses I still get paid anyway, so let’s pop bottles’’. Just saying.

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