Why the Cavs Trading Ramon Sessions Was a Good Move

Why the Cavs Trading Ramon Sessions Was a Good Move

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In professional sports when dealing with trades, sometimes you have to show patience before rating the trade as a success or failure. So when the Cavs traded Ramon Sessions many wanted to pan the deal. However, I feel it was necessary they trade him and for reasons I’ll lay out below.

Sessions had a player option on his contract for next season; if he picks it up he’ll earn $4.6 million. If not he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. The Cavs couldn’t take the risk of losing their back up point and getting nothing in return. Other teams had needs so the Cavs went with the offer they like best. Some will say the Cavs should’ve shown more interest in keeping Sessions. I ask how? He wanted to be a starter and get paid. Well he could only do relatively one of those things here. He wasn’t going to start, and I don’t care what he said publicly about liking it here, and happy with his role. If you’re going to cite those public remarks as reasons why he was happy to back up Kyrie Irving, then let me remind you what his tenor was a year ago. These are comments he made March 25, 2011;

”It’s tough. I’ve been waiting to get a break my whole career,” Sessions said. ”When Mo [Williams] was out, I feel like I did all I could do to finally get that break. But B.D. is a great player. If I have to come off the bench, I’m used to it. I’ll go back to that role again.”

We all have egos and no one wants to play number 2 forever, everybody wants their chance to show they can be ‘the man’, and Ramon wanted his shot. I would agree with the comments that he wanted to stay had he already had his shot at being a full time starter elsewhere. However he hasn’t and with Kyrie here, no matter many minutes he plays he would always be a ‘back up’ and that wasn’t going to change. For those who will say, he’ll get significant playing time, you don’t understand that ‘significant playing time’ isn’t going to translate to it being ‘his’ team, and him playing in the crucial moments of a game. Those duties belong to Kyrie. Just like in football, they say if you have two quarterbacks then you have none. Ramon wanted his shot at being the guy and that wasn’t going to change until he got it.

Also, if he wanted to stay, and was soooo happy being in Cleveland why didn’t he pick up his option before the trade deadline? Truth is, he wanted to start, but had to play his role while he was here and until free agency came. Had he came out and said that he didn’t want to play behind Kyrie, I want to start and feel that I’m a starting caliber player, he would’ve been crushed. So, while I don’t completely doubt that he enjoyed his time here, I’m pretty sure he’s more than happy being somewhere else where he’ll get his chance to be the number 1 guy.


  1. And he finally got his chance! Being the starting point guard for the Los Angele’s Lakers!! He deserves it, he’s a great player.

  2. Jb Smooth84 says:

    I wont go as far to say he’s a great player, but he’s good, his jumper is much improved from last season. Let’s see how he performs in the playoffs. Everybody can’t be great, no shame in being a good player. I agree that he deserves it, now let’s see what he does from here to prove that he should keep it.

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