Delonte West Feeds the Giraffe

Delonte West Feeds the Giraffe

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There never seems to be a dull moment when following Delonte West on Twitter. If he’s not telling you how he a chef, he’s telling you about putting rims on his rental car.

Well over the weekend Delonte didn’t disappoint. Apparently he went to the zoo, like many people do. However, what most people are afraid of is getting attacked by the animals. Not Delonte, he even went as far to feed the animals…with his own mouth! Yes, Delonte feed what I’m going to assume is a baby giraffe some lettuce.

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Now I’m all for feeding the animals, but I’ll be dammed if I feed them via my mouth, I’m all good on that idea. But hey, if Delonte is cool with it, so am I. Someone needs to get this man a reality show, I’m proof positive that I’d be more entertaining than most of the shows on right now.

If you want to enjoy the fun with me follow Delonte on twitter @CharleeRedz13.

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