Deron Williams Tweets Who Adrian Wojnarowksis’ Source Is

Deron Williams Tweets Who Adrian Wojnarowksis’ Source Is

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With Twitter you can be called out on anything you say, which makes for very entertaining dialogue as well as potential disaster. Reporters now have to answer to those they report on and athletes now have a better way to control their image and message.

Adrian Wojnarowski recently wrote a piece that a league source eluded to Deron Williams not staying with the Brooklyn Nets in the event they were to get the #1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery and that it would still take Dwight Howard to keep him.

Well word got around to Deron and he took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter, throwing out random thoughts on who could’ve been the source that talked to Wojnarowski.

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Now what makes this interesting is, even if a league source did tell Wojnarowski some inside information, there’s no way for him to prove it, as a journalist he can’t reveal his source. So all he has to rely on is his reputation for being an objective writer.

In the end, we will find out who turned out to be in about a year when Deron has to make the decision on to stay with the Nets or to move on. In the meantime check out the funny tweets from Deron as he and his followers speculate on who Wojnarowskis’ source is.


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