Indians Riding Current Hot Streak

Indians Riding Current Hot Streak

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Remember when the Cleveland Indians were 1-4 to start the season? Remember when half of the city of Cleveland were ready to bury them and give up on the season? No? Well I do, and I also remember saying not to worry. And look at them now, since that 1-4 start they’re 16- 7, sit atop the Central Division and their pitching so far has been as consistent as they thought it would.

However, I won’t bang that drum that they’re a championship contender yet; I’ll still reserve my opinion until the 40 game mark. As things could change in the next two weeks and people will be right back to where they were with their thoughts as they were opening week. But as they roll along, let’s see how they deal with being the hunted compared to last season.

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For the majority of last season they were they were in first place, and I don’t think they were used to being the top dog and having all eyes on them. Now with that experience, they should be better equipped to hold off the Tigers and the White Sox who are bound to make a push. The Key is, when the push comes what kind of resistance will the Indians show this summer compared to lasts’?

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