LeBron James Wins 3rd MVP

LeBron James Wins 3rd MVP

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Over the weekend LeBron James notched his third MVP trophy in four years and statistically one of the best seasons of his career. LeBron averaged 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.2 assist and 1.9 steals per game in a lockout shortened season. He shot the best field goal percentage of his career at .531.

LeBron joins elite company becoming only the 8th player to win most valuable player 3 times (K. Abdul-Jabbar, M. Jordan, B. Russell, W. Chamberlin, L. Bird, M. Johnson, M. Malone).

Subsequently, LeBron is the only player on that list to not win a championship, in two NBA Finals appearances LeBron has failed to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a ring.

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Many will try to diminish his accomplishment by pointing out the fact that he is the only with 3 or more MVPs’ to his name without a ring. However, that would be the easy way out, LeBron this year in a shortened season came ready to put the drama of 2011-2012 season behind him and play within himself and not let the criticism change who he was. LeBron decided to who he wanted to be instead of trying to fit a narrative. Those who are objective and judge LeBron fairly will appreciate what he is doing right now. Players like him don’t come around often, like him love him hate him if you will, but enjoy him in his prime while you can.

One last thing though, LeBron hasn’t had many gaffes this season, but what in the world was he wearing at his press conference? Not that I’m some fashonista, but c’mon he makes too much money to be wearing blue yoga suit pants to a press conference. I’m just saying…

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