Paulina, Wayne Gretzkys’ Daughter Gets Loose on Instagram and Twitter

Paulina, Wayne Gretzkys’ Daughter Gets Loose on Instagram and Twitter

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For every father with daughters, they’re worse nightmare is for their “baby” to be overly sexy in their presence. The thought of their “baby” taking part in such activities is something that can scare a man for the rest of his life.

Well, Wayne Gretzky has had his world scarred forever, as his “baby” girl has been on social media letting it all hang out. Paulina Gretzky first started on Twitter with the racy photos and once dad shut that down, she moved the party over to Instagram and well… I’ll let you make your decision on what to think.

I can only imagine what’s going through Waynes’ mind, I mean what can he really do, his daughter is grown, and at this point he has no control and power. He cant just roll up on her in the spot, everybody knows who he is, so being Columbo won’t work. The more he tries to convince her that this is a bad look, the more rebellious she will act.


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The great one rarely faced a challenge on the ice he couldn’t master, however this parenting of a young adult is kicking his tail with an empty net. Hopefully Paulina takes some sympathy on dad and tones it down a bit, until that day comes enjoy some of flicks she’s been posting.

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    She a hoe fo’ sho’ smh

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