Red Sox Josh Beckett Missed Game Due to Playing Golf?

Red Sox Josh Beckett Missed Game Due to Playing Golf?

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You would think for as many issues the Red Sox players had last year with bad press they would try to keep a low profile. However, that didn’t stop Josh Beckett from playing golf two days before he was to pitch during his next start.

According to an ESPN report Beckett hurt his back during his golf round and was unable to play due to stiffness in his right lat.

Manager Bobby Valentine had this to say about Beckett missing his start;

“I haven’t talked to Josh about this yet, so I’m not sure I can really comment on it other than I can say physical issues, I guess, he had a sore lat, he wasn’t an injured player. I know that. And we’ll take it from there. But I’m sure Josh wouldn’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize his team or his season. I know that.”

Now I’m not one that says players can’t participate in other activities beyond their day job, I only caution that you don’t injure yourself. The backlash from fans and media will be ridiculous. Especially when some are looking for a reason to attack you.

Beckett has enough to deal with, and this just makes him looks bad. This situation combined with their chicken and beer pow wow last year, on to of the push back they’ve given new manager Bobby Valentine makes the Red Sox look like a big blow up waiting to happen.


  1. What Josh Beckett are we going to see tonight?

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