CanIbus Pulls Out Notebook During Freestyle Lost to Dizaster

CanIbus Pulls Out Notebook During Freestyle Lost to Dizaster

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In hip hop there are plenty of rules to abide by, and CanIbus broke about 5 of them last night. In a pay-per-view battle with rapper Dizaster he felt the need to pull out a notepad and recite his rhymes from there.

In a freestyle battle, everything is supposed to come from whatever you’ve memorized and can think of in the heat of the moment. So for CanIbus to have someone pass him his notepad and him announce that he conceded defeat is in my opinion insulting to the sport of freestyling. It also only furthers the thought that CanIbus is only good when he can recite written rhymes or stealing quotes out of books or biting others.

Outside of the embarrassment CanIbus should feel, the video is utterly hilarious. When I watched it I fully expected CanIbus to destroy this cat. And once he took to the mic, and gave his soliloquy, I almost felt I was watching Comic View. I couldn’t believe that he just basically said, ‘I quit, this dude just beat me and I’m not clever enough to remember what I rehearsed or to come up with something on the spot’. I almost feel like he should pay me for the time I wasted to watch him clown himself.

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What’s even worse, he actually held his own, just as you would expect of him, and the fact that he quit makes him look like a joke when you think about his career. The same guy who went toe to toe with legend LL Cool J, challenged Eminem and others, is giving up against a relative nobody? You couldn’t convince me that was real if there wasn’t video. Perhaps this is last we’ll have to hear about CanIbus, and those that tout him as a high caliber MC, unless by MC they mean master chump.

Below is the clip of CanIbus quitting

Below is the video to the full battle

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