Andrew Bynums’ Short List Includes Mavericks and Cavs

Andrew Bynums’ Short List Includes Mavericks and Cavs

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While the Lakers debate on whether or not to trade Andrew Bynum, reports have come out that Bynum is not all in about signing an extension with the Lakers or the team he could be traded to. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports tweeted out that a potential deal that would send Dwight Howard to Los Angeles and Andrew Bynum to Orlando hit a glitch that hinged on Bynum’s willingness to sign a long term extension and Orlandos’ confidence to convince him to stay in Orlando. 

Where the story takes a turn is, Bynum has not shown any urgency to sign an extension that would make keep him Laker for years to come.

With the injury history Bynum has, any team that trades or signs him is taking on a risk. Also the immaturity of Bynum is something that while may be a hindrance, if Bynum continues on the ascension he’s been on, will be a franchise player, and will make the risk worth the reward.

From the reports of Bynum eyeing free agency next summer and having the Dallas Mavericks, Cleveland Cavs and Houston Rockets on his short list of teams he wouldn’t mind playing for. For most people, Cleveland doesn’t resonate on most observers’ radar as a go to destination. However, looking at the roster the Cavs are assembling with Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, championship pedigree coach in Byron Scott and young big men that would pose a stout front line with the addition of Bynum.

When you compare the situations of Dallas, Houston and Cleveland, one would have to give Cleveland a good shot at wooing arguably the best big man in the league. Houston if they lose out on the Jeremy Lin sweepstakes will have lost all their point guards ( Groan Dragic agreed to terms with Phoenix Suns, Kyle Lowry was traded to the Toronto Raptors) have a mix mash of pieces with no orchestrator.

 Dallas with Dirk not getting any younger don’t have much outside of him to pair Bynum with, however, both being 7 footers and one playing the low post and the other play the high post and mid range, would fit nicely together. It would also open of the floor for both of them, and decrease the amount of double teams they respectively see.

With all that said, I don’t see Bynum as free agent leaving the Lakers or whatever team he may be traded to. One, the money is too much to turn down, unless you completely want to play somewhere else. Deron Williams flirted with the idea of leaving the Brooklyn Nets, but in the end chose to stay, and not to say that money is the end all be all, but when you’ve had the knee injuries Bynum’s had, you can’t afford to leave money on the table when you never know when your career can come to an un ceremonial end. 

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