Barry Sanders Turns 44 Today

Barry Sanders Turns 44 Today

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In celebration of Barry Sanders 44th birthday Andy Gray of Sports Illustrated tweeted a few pictures of the Hall of Famer. Well, the pic you see above made me think, what the heck was Barry thinking when he laid up against that lion, because he looks scared straight.


Now, I can understand, I mean, you are laying up against arguably the most power animal in all the universe, so he has every right to be frightened. But, what did they offer him that made him agree to take this picture? Free lifetime admission to every zoo in America? Perhaps the monetary compensation was such that he couldn’t refuse?

Whatever the reason, whoever has this picture on a trading card has a sure fire collectable on their hands.

In remembrance of one the greatest running backs off all time, let’s have a poll. Where does Barry Sanders rank on your list of all time running backs?

Top 3, top 5, top 10. I’d put him somewhere between 3-6. OJ Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Jim Brown, Marshall Faulk, and Emmit Smith would round out my top 6 in no particular order.

Barry was the most elusive back I’ve ever seen with my own eyes, his ability to change direction at full speed was incredible, and the ability to feel and see where defenders were was unparallelled, he was in a word phenomenal. It does suck that he had to play his career with Detroit teams that had very few weapons around him, just imagine what a good offensive line would’ve done for Barry, or a consistent passing game?

Nonetheless, with all that he still had a great career and was able to leave the game on his own terms, besides mortality guess you can’t ask for more.

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