Brandon Weeden, Browns Agree to 4 Year $8.1 Million Contract

Brandon Weeden, Browns Agree to 4 Year $8.1 Million Contract

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With their top draft choice signed and ready to go, the Browns turned their focus to the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and today inked Brandon Weeden to a 4 year deal worth 8.1 million with 3 years fully guaranteed and $900 thousand guaranteed in the final year as reported by ESPN and Adam Schefter.

The 4th year of the deal was a hold up in the negotiations but as time came closer to the start of training camp both sides agreed to a deal that was beneficial for both parties.

Now that Weeden is signed the Browns can turn their attention to their quarterback situation in regards to Colt McCoy and who will be the starter. Pat Shurmur along with the front office have held true to their stance of there being an open competition going into training camp. When asked during mini camps on when he would name his starter, Shurmur stated he would rather name his guy as soon as possible.

“Sooner than later, I think once we’ve made the decision, that’s the deal, If you know that he’s going to be your guy, then make it happen so everybody gets comfortable working with that guy all the time.”

While overwhelming opinion is the Browns will eventually name Weeden the starter by the start of the regular season, who’s say McCoy won’t make some miraculous improvement and actually beat out Weeden for the starting job? Who’s to say that starting Weeden from day one is the best thing for his development? Also, haven’t seen enough from this regime to assume that they’ll do the obvious. It’s obvious they need a veteran wide receiver, haven’t gotten one of those. They’ve needed help at linebacker, and they haven’t exactly gone out and gotten a Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis type player.

Just think its slightly pretentious to assume much of anything with this team, when they’ve marched the beat to their own drum from day one.

I agree they should go ahead and name Weeden the starter and allow McCoy to go elsewhere, however the business side of this wont allow that to happen. Watch them go into the season with their quarterback core as is, with the safety net of, if something happens to Weeden they can go to McCoy if need be. And with McCoy have the type of personality he does, they won’t have to worry about him causing drama in the locker room.

In a few weeks we won’t have to wonder, the end of August will be here in no time and we’ll have all the answers we’ll need.

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