Dennis Rodman Reunites with Estranged Father in Philippines

Dennis Rodman Reunites with Estranged Father in Philippines

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After 42 years, Dennis Rodman was reunited with his father after playing in an exhibition basketball game in the Manila, Philippines.

Based on reports the meeting was brief, however it was enough for his Philander Rodman Jr to feel closure.

In 2006 Philander attempted to connect with Dennis, but was unsuccessful, at the time he was quoted as saying;

“I’m sorry that things haven’t come together like they should be. But it’s not my fault. I’ve been trying. Just give me a little bit of your time”

Philander moved to the Philippines in the 1970’s and owns a Rodman’s Rainbow Obamaburger restaurant.

While no comment was given by Dennis after their meeting, he was asked about his father in a press conference on July 17th and responded with such;

“I don’t hate the guy that brought me into this world. I don’t hate him. It’s just the fact that I haven’t seen him in 47 years. And the fact that if I saw him, I’d just tell him, you know what, you know, you’re a friend of mine. Like I said, I don’t hate anybody in the world. I hope that if he wants to come to the game and shake my hand, I hope that everything would be cool”

In a perfect world it would be nice if father and son could reunite, but the fact that Rodman was cordial to the man that abandoned him at 5 years old shows a level of maturity that some wouldn’t expect. The relationship Dennis has with his dad, one can assume has had direct effect on the relationship Dennis has with his own children and the type of parent he’s turned out to be. While Dennis seems uninterested why Philander walked out, I’d like to know if anyone ever asked him considering he takes no responsibility for being in his sons’ life. I understand life’s twist and turns that make things difficult, but there’s no excuse for why a father isn’t in their sons’ life.

Information Courtesy of GMA News and CBS Sports

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