Kyrie Irving Breaks Hand in Summer League Practice, Out 2 Months

Kyrie Irving Breaks Hand in Summer League Practice, Out 2 Months

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While practicing for his upcoming summer league participation Cavs 2nd year guard injured and has reportedly broke his right hand after hitting a padded wall out of frustration.

Kyrie said it was a freak accident, but admitted to needing to be more responsible;

It was just a freak accident, I am a little disappointed, I have to be more responsible about my health. It was just crazy. It happened so fast.”

While Kyrie is disappointed in himself, I have no problem with him, things like this happen, it’d be different if he punch and brick wall or solid oak wood door. However, he punched a padded wall, if you can’t punch something padded and feel safe, then hey, that’s fate.

There are those who will say this points to his immaturity and that he needs to corral his emotions, I’d wholeheartedly disagree. When you play at the level, with your emotions are running high, you do things out of frustration, not malice. I rather him get injured in the gym doing the something basketball related than the myriad of things a young millionaire could do to get in trouble.

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