Robert Griffin III, Redskins Agree to 4 Year Deal Worth $21 Million

Robert Griffin III, Redskins Agree to 4 Year Deal Worth $21 Million

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Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins agreed to a 4 year contract with a team option for a 5th year worth $21 million with a $13 million signing bonus according to Yahoo! Sports. What should be noted is, his contract is fully guaranteed, so no matter what happens, Griffin can bank on receiving every dollar of his deal. Griffin had missed the first two days of rookie camp, but will appear at camp on Wednesday.

Griffin tweeted last night that he was no longer unemployed and that he was ready to go work.

”Well people….It’s Time to go to Work!!! Off the unemployment line and oh yea HTTR!!!’

Griffin signing before training camp is a testament to the new terms of the CBA, where contracts are a little easier to negotiate, with the slotting system. With Griffin signed, we should see some other dominos fall with other players signing since the bar has been set with Griffins contract.

In a similar situation to Drew Brees’ contract negotiation; I don’t believe there was ever a chance that Griffin wasn’t going to be signed before training camp started. The Redskins had given up too much not to ensure they had their guy in the building on time. Also consider the fact that he’s already been named the starter, they had every incentive to get him signed.

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