Weekend Entertainment Wrap Up #5

Weekend Entertainment Wrap Up #5

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Did you hear…?

By: Crystal L. Huggins

Is this a coincident or what? Snoop Dog’s son Cordell Broadus received a scholarship offer to play football with UCLA. Just last month we reported that Justin Combs, the son of P. Diddy accepted a full athletic scholarship with UCLA.

Combs, is 5ft, 9in, 170-pound cornerback, while Broadus is a 6ft, 2in, 185-pound wide receiver. If he accepts, Broadus and Combs could play together in 2015

With two future students who have high profile celebrity parents will obviously more attention to the school. It makes you wonder if they are asking the future students to attend because of their talent or because who their parents are.

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Well everyone there is another celebrity out there that hasn’t been paying their taxes. It’s been reported that Eight time Grammy-winning singer, Lauryn Hill plead guilty to tax evasion. Hill failed to pay taxes in 2005 and 2007 in the amount of $1.8 million. She faces up to a three year sentence for all charges.

According to the Associate Press: After the charges were brought, Hill posted a long statement on her Tumblr page that decried pop culture’s “climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism.” She explained that she hasn’t paid taxes since she withdrew from society to guarantee the safety and well-being of herself and her family.

Hill got her start in the music industry with The Fugees and later developed her solo career in 1998 when she released her album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

I’m sorry but her reasons for not paying taxes are just bogus to me. Just because you decide to stay out of the lime light and wanted to have some privacy to your life does not give you the excuse to just ignore your taxes. We live in a country where if you make money, you pay taxes. That’s just how things are.

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Former WOIO news anchor Sharon Reed has been recently linked to Miami Heat star LeBron James. Reed went on maternity leave in December 2011 and was later terminated from the station because she broke a moral clause in her contract due to her pregnancy and not being married.

According to Madame Noire: According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years — while he was with Savannah. When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games. When Reed turned up pregnant last year there was no doubt in anyone’s minds who the baby’s father was.

Reed reportedly manufactured a boyfriend to explain her pregnancy to her co-workers. But no one was fooled. Sources say Reed isn’t worried about finding a new job because James is paying all of her bills.

Right now these are just rumors that have not been confirmed or denied by Reed and James, however it does make you wonder. How can someone who loses their job over six months ago, has a baby, move to Miami and is not working still, manage to survive, tweet about spending money and live life. It has been said that whatever is done in the dark will come into the light, so let’s wait and see what comes from all of this.


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