Weekend Entertainment Wrap Up #7

Weekend Entertainment Wrap Up #7

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Did you hear…?

This week in the entertainment world it was reported that Jason Kidd, NBA Player for the New York Knicks was arrested for crashing his car into a pole while under the influence of alcohol.

It was reported that Kidd was in attendance at The Compound Foundation event in East Hampton that evening. Witnesses say Kidd was so drunk he had to be carried out.

According to TMZ Kidd was the lone passenger in the accident, which police say happened around 1:56 AM. Police at the scene described Kidd as “being intoxicated.”

He was taken to a local hospital to treat minor injuries. After being released from the hospital, he was transported to the local police station for processing.

Cops say the all-star point guard was then arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI charge in Southampton Town Justice Court and later released on his own recognizance.

I understand that people make mistakes and things happen in life but when do people grow up. Driving under the influence is a serious matter and can be life threatening.  On average someone is killed every 52 minutes because of a car accident in result to drunk driving. When it comes to injuries, someone is affected every 90 seconds. When does the level of maturity kicks in and one realize that you have to think before you act? One can only imagine the lives that can be saved and the injuries that can be prevented if people decided to think before they act.

H/T TMZ & New York Daily News


Should it really matter about one’s sexual orientation as to whether or not they will have a successful career? In recent news, Target will not carry FrankOcean’s new album Channel Orange in their stores. Ocean decided to come out with his sexuality on July 3rd.

According to MTV, it was reported that in 2010, Target was the subject of a boycott organized by MoveOn.org after it was revealed that the Minneapolis-based retailer donated $150,000 to the political group Minnesota Forward, which backed several candidates across the state, including gubernatorial hopeful Tom Emmer who reportedly supported an anti-gay ministry.

It bears mention that Target does stock albums by openly gay artists like Adam Lambert and Elton John, and in recent months, began selling gay pride T-shirts, with proceeds going to the Family Equality Council, which supports the rights of LGBT parents. Though, from the sound of things, at least one of Clancy’s points was spot-on: they won’t be selling Channel Orange.

Target says that the reason why they are not carrying the album is because it was released digitally on iTunes. If that was their excuse to not make themselves look bad, that was not the one to use. For those who forgot Jay-Z and Kanye West album Watch the Throne was carried and sold at Target yet it was released first through iTunes.

What is the big deal about Ocean deciding to come out? That doesn’t change who he is as a person let alone an artist. I thought it was about the product an artist gives their fans rather than what they do in their private life. Unfortunately when you are a celebrity, your private life is not private. Does it really matter? I don’t think that someone should be criticized just because their sexuality is not what you want it to be. I feel like you should let Ocean do what he does best and that is make music.




It looks like NFL Player Terrell Owens will need to find a new job real quick. If not then he maybe doing some time in jail if he doesn’t get all caught. It’s been reported that Owens is months behind on his child support payments and missed a recent court date as well.

According to ESPN, Melanie Page Smith, the mother of Owens’ 7-year-old daughter, has alleged that Owens has not made any payments in months, according to the report. The six-time Pro Bowler previously had agreed to pay Smith $5,000 per month.

Seeing how he has been in the NFL league for 15 years, where did all his money go?

This past May, Owens briefly played with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. He joined them in February for a six-figure salary and was part owner of the team. His contract was terminated in May after he chose to sit out of the team’s road games and he even skipped a team charity event.

It looks like another NFL player decided to mismanage their money and didn’t put any in a savings for a rainy day.

During his 15 year career, Owens played with the 49ers, Cowboys, Eagles and Bills. He was a six time Pro Bowler.  He ranks second all-time in both receiving yards (15,934) and receiving TDs (153).


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