Cavs Close to 3 Year Deal with Alonzo Gee

Cavs Close to 3 Year Deal with Alonzo Gee

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While the Cavs have been quiet for the most part this off season, they are reportedly close to a deal with the shooting guard Alonzo Gee for 3 years worth 3.8 million according to John Telic of Fox 8 News.

I think this deal is more than reasonable for Gee who has great upside. He has shown the ability to be a decent scorer and servicable defender. The only downfall to this signing is, is he a shooting guard or small forward. His ball handling isn’t up to par that you trust his wholeheartedly to create his own shot, and he’s not the biggest guy in the world to go up against some of the elite small forwards in the league.

While I like Gee, and what he brings to the team, I’d like to see if he develops a more consistent outside shot. If he does, he should command more playing time as there’s no one on the Cavs who’s a dead eye outside shooter. It’ll be interesting to see what the Cavs and coach Byron Scott does to generate scoring on this team.



Via John Telich | Fox News

Source: Alonzo Gee and  close to deal. 9.8 mil 3 yrs.@PJFOX8 @TheKovach @fox8news @ALaForce 

Via Sam Amico | Fox Sports

Cavs and Alonzo Gee nearing 3-year deal, around $10 million, source says. @JohnTelich8 reported same first. Offer has been on table.

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