Colt McCoy Says ther was No Competition

Colt McCoy Says ther was No Competition

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After Brandon Weeden was named the starting quarterback, Colt McCoy let his thoughts and feelings be known, First letting everyone know that he believed this was not a competition;

“I would like to say that I haven’t taken any snaps in walk-through or in practice with the first group, I’ve come out here and made myself better with the reps I’ve got and I feel really good and really healthy and I look forward to some preseason games coming up pretty quick. I thought coming in it would be a competition. But again I’ve come out here and competed my tail off and I’ve really worked hard to get better and improve and I know I have and I know our team has. So from that standpoint I am OK. I came out here and competed and worked hard. Trust me, you’ll continue to get the best that I can do. I love Cleveland, I love the fans, I love this place, I love my teammates. That’d be so wrong of me to (not) give my best. I’ve worked hard on so many things from last year. I feel really good and I’m excited about the preseason, but they did name Brandon the starter. As a professional I work hard. I get here early, last one to leave and I’ll continue to do that. I want to do my best and we’ll see what happens. I’ve approached my job like I was a starter and I will continue to do that as a professional.”

While it is understandable that Colt feels like he was done wrong, it is also apart of the business. When the Browns alledgely told Colt there would be a competition, he should’ve taken that assertion with a grain of salt. Players get told things like that all the time, and those promises are never kept. Colt probably did himself no favors when he spoke out like this, even though he was probably tired of just conitinuing the low key attitude. All Colt has to do is be ready, as there are always injuries that may allow for him to get a second chance for him to be a starter. I wouldn’t rule out him getting that chance here, we’ve seen the beatings Cleveland quarterbacks have taken.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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