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Former Jaguar Fred Taylor Forgives Agent Who Stole Millions from Him

Former Jaguar Fred Taylor Forgives Agent Who Stole Millions from Him

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Former NFL running back Fred Taylor who was the victim of a series money scams by his former agent Tank Black, has turned over a new leaf and forgiven his former agent for what he did.

Taylor told Yahoo! Sports that he had to forgive Black.

“I had to forgive him, I was pissed for a while. I was pissed for a long time.”

Along with offering his forgiveness, he also thanked Black for making him the man he was today.

Now, this may appear odd to some, but an act like this requires one to show a lot of maturity and growth. While you may say now that you couldn’t do it, forgive someone who stole millions from you, actions like that show you that Taylor has moved on from what has happened. So what’s the use to holding on to the grudge anymore? It’s not going to bring back his money. Black is in jail, so what else was there to do besides forgive him and leave what happened in the past?

This should remind not only professional ball players, but people in general that you should watch who you entrust with your money. No matter what their credentials are, ask questions, ask for explanations, and self educate yourself. 

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