Trent Richardson Ahead of Schedule says Browns Coach Pat Shurmur

Trent Richardson Ahead of Schedule says Browns Coach Pat Shurmur

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Thursday August 9th Cleveland Browns rookie running back had arthroscopic knee surgery to remove loose cartilage. While the surgery was a success, after practice today head coach Pat Shurmur told reporters that Richardson was ahead of schedule.

While the team anticipated him to be there for the season opener on September 9th, it now looks more like a matter of fact more than an if.

While many were worried that Richardson was having surgery on a knee had operated on earlier in the year, I’d suggest that if he thought it was important enough to have completed before the season, then I’ll trust him with his knowledge of his body. I’m pretty sure if it was going to hold him out of a substantial amount of regular season games he would’ve held off.

Yes, any surgery you have is major, and should illicit some level of concern, but until I see him on the field looking like a different player, I wouldn’t be so quick to worry about his future.

With all that being said, the bright side of him being out of the preseason, Montario Hardesty has gotten more playing time, and he looks fantastic. Biggest difference, he looks healthy, and sure of his body. There’s something to be said about a player who doesn’t play with burdens on his mind. Last year, you could sense he didn’t completely trust his knee. These are the type of things that preseason games are great for, it allows players to work through things that they couldn’t in practice, as the speed and intensity at which they perform isn’t the same.

Hopefully the Browns don’t have to worry about any more injuries and can go into the opener relatively healthy.

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