Tyrann Mathieu Enters Drug Rehab, Uncertain if he’ll Play Football in 2012

Tyrann Mathieu Enters Drug Rehab, Uncertain if he’ll Play Football in 2012

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Tryann Mathieu otherwise known as the Honey Badger, after being kicked off the football team at LSU and numerous rumors that he would transfer so he could play football this season, has decided to enter the Right Step recovery center. Honey Badger will also be counseled by former NBA player and coach John Lucas, who in his past has recovered from substance abuse as well.

Tryone Mathieu, his adopted father told Joe Schad of ESPN that Tyrann is focusing on his issues and making life adjustments.

“Tyrann is focused on addressing his issues with Mr. Lucas, (Lucas’) story speaks for itself. He can help Tyrann and he can help our family. Tyrann is working on discipline, maturity and character, he’s making life adjustments.”

The bright side of this story is, the Honey Badger is getting help for whatever issue he has, which should be comeneded. Now while some will not get past the issue that he has thrown away a golden opportunity for an education and chance to make millions in the NFL as a first round pick. I’ll what about the culture and environment that he grew up in that allowed him to believe that no matter what mistake he makes, because he was gifted athletically, there would always be a second chance? Too many times we’re so quick to slam these young adults when they make mistakes that, had they not played sports we otherwise wouldn’t care if were weren’t personally connected to it. Just because someone plays a sports doesn’t obsolve them of the pitfalls any of us face during our every day life. Not saying Honey Badger doesn’t bear responsibility for his actions, because he made the mistakes and should answer for them. However, we all share some as well. From the obsessiveness we show towards sports, to the placeing atheltes we like on pedestals as role models to be viewed from tearing them down the moment that do something we don’t like.

At some point we have to cement what we want from our athletes. Do we want them to be gifted in the sport of choice, or the moral compass we judge ourselves by?

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