JbSmooth84.com Pick ‘Em Contest Week 2 Picks

JbSmooth84.com Pick ‘Em Contest Week 2 Picks

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Week 2 has arrived and the picks are in, Matt, Dave and Jeremy have jumped out to an early lead, but how long will they stay on top. Here are the games we’ll be picking for this week.

Week 2

Bears v Packers/Browns v Bengals/Ravens v Eagles/Saints v Panthers/

Lions v 49ers/Broncos v Falcons




Their offense can’t be stagnant forever, and for my fantasy team James Jones is bound to catch at td or two right?


While the Browns are a formidable opponent, they beat the Browns twice last year at full strength. With Haden out, am I supposes to place my faith in Buster Skrine, and Sheldon Brown to Stop AJ Green?


Home opener, Vick can’t possibly look as bad as he did against the Browns in week 1. While Flacco picked apart the Bengals defense I’m not so sure he’ll be that effective against the Eagles d.


While the Sean Payton-less Saints were shocked by the Redskins, I’m gonna give Drew Brees and the crew benefit of the doubt that they’ll play better this week and get their first win.


A top 3 defense in the league and Alex Smith playing mistake free football, has me bullish on the 49ers


I’m on the Matt Ryan bandwagon; I have a front row seat. While their defense does scare me, there won’t be many teams who can out score them. On a good day who’s gonna stop Julio Jones AND Roddy White?


Bengals, Ravens Panthers, Niners, Broncos


Packers, Browns, Eagles, Saints, 49ers, Falcons,


Browns, Ravens, Saints, 49ers, Broncos Packers


Packers, Broncos, 49ers, Saints, Eagles, Bengals


Browns, Ravens, Saints, Lions, Broncos


Bengals, Ravens, Saints, 49ers, Falcons,


Bengals, Eagles, Saints, 49ers, Falcons


Browns, Ravens Saints, 49ers, Broncos, Packers


Browns, Ravens, Panthers, 49ers, Broncos, Packers

Browns v Bengals – The Browns played well enough defensively to win this game going away, 5 turnovers, a defensive touchdown, I keep hearing all this shit about going for 2, if the defense had just made one more stop, etc etc, What was the choices, Weeden with a QBR of 5.1m 2-13 on 3rd downs, or Richardson who’s everything Hillis will never be at 2.1 YPC? Fresh off that ass kicking at the hands of the Ravens, the Browns defense brings the pain, and finds a way to get the win. I think offensively, the Browns come with a better game plan. Hardesty??

Ravens v Eagles – The Ravens are my pick to make it to the Super Bowl, the Ravens fresh off of that dominant ass kicking they put on the Bengals, seem to have it all together, with their new no huddle offense. Defense travels, and Ray Rice is a stud. Ravens continue Vick’s tough start to the season, which I’m sure he didn’t anticipate it being so rough in Cleveland.

Saints v Panthers Newton rebounds here, the Saints fresh off getting thumped by Griffin lll, at home, Saints don’t play well outdoors, and I look for Newton to have a big day in front of the home crowd. Former Brown (never got a chance) Armond Smith, may get an opportunity this weekend as well.

Lions v 49ers – The 49ers are my other choice to make it to the Super Bowl, and they were just as impressive, in thumping the Packers at Lambeau Field. They like Baltimore, take a physical, punishing defense that travels, they can run the ball with Gore, and they now have Randy Moss.

Broncos v Falcons I was unsure about Manning, and then he made me a believer, they have a strong enough defense, that can get after the QB, and cover in the secondary. The Falcons got off to a fast start with Ryan and Jones, but Manning is right at home on Domes.

Bears v Packers Not really sold on the Packers defensively, and the Bears having the ability to run the ball, normally would give them the slight edge, but Rodgers has lost one game already, and the Packers do whatever necessary to get this one in the books. I say they blitz Cutler off the edges, hit him hard, and often, and Rodgers does enough to seal the deal.


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