Kent State Player Runs Punt Back the Wrong Way

Kent State Player Runs Punt Back the Wrong Way

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Funny story, I went to Kent State University, and my cousin who is currently injured is a player on the KSU football team. All summer he’s been telling me how they’re improved, they’re going places and how the defense is the bomb and the unit to take them to the top.

Well, if this video is any indication of where that defense is taking them, I’m going to not claim KSU as my school so loud.

So Anthony Pruitt, you have any defense for your teammate Andre Parker and why he ran the other way?

What makes this clip worse, the offense were chasing him down. Had they just let him run, they would’ve got an easy 2 points.

Let this be a teaching lesson to all defensive players, the opponents endzone is behind you and your endzone is in front of you. So if you get the ball, just run forward as fast as you can.



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