Model Family Request No Tribute from Cleveland Browns

Model Family Request No Tribute from Cleveland Browns

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The NFL Friday afternoon asked all 32 teams to take time and acknowledge the death of former owner Art Model for his contributions to the league.

The Browns were all prepared to give some recognition to their former owner who moved the team at the end of the 1995 season, after speaking with the Model family at their request, will not a make any mention of Art Model before the game.

David Model son of the former owner didn’t want the tribute to be tainted considering how Cleveland fans feel about his father for moving the team they love.

Baltimore Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne;

“David told Mike that he really appreciated the call and the offer, but that he knew it would not be totally accepted by the Cleveland fans, David suggested that the Browns not do a tribute.”

While it is understandable the Model family understood the tension that still remains between their father and the fans, doesn’t that say something about us as people and fans that even in death we can’t acknowledge all the good and bad one has done in their life? Isn’t one’s life compiled of good and bad, not saying we shouldn’t recognize it, but that we should point out both for those who may not be aware of either.
However, I agree with the Browns not giving attention to Art’s passing. He would’ve been booed excessively and for a man who committed no crime, doesn’t deserve that. Maybe one day fans will be able to speak of Model and hate won’t be the overwhelming feeling for him.

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