Week 1 Pick ‘Em Contest Picks

Week 1 Pick ‘Em Contest Picks

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The NFL is set to begin in just a few hours and everybody has made their picks. Can any of these contenders take down  Mr Smooth himself? We shall see. My picks along with the rest of the players are below, check them out, the standings will be update each week.

The games we’ll be picking are below, followed by everyone’s pick.

Eagles v Browns / 49ers v Packers / Steelers v Broncos / Bengals v Ravens / Panthers v Buccaneers / Falcons v Chiefs



The Browns haven’t won an opener since… Exactly why I’m not picking them.


No reason to believe that a team will be able to stop their offense, considering how well they played last season.


Not buying that Peyton Manning is fully healthy, he has to show me before I’ll pick him against a good team.


The Ravens defense added with another successful year for Flacco should equal more wins. Considering the Bengals lost to the Ravens twice last season, I’ll roll with the latest trend.


New coach, and new scheme, not so sure the Bucs will put it all together for week 1. Also I don’t expect Cam Newton to have a great big Sophomore slump this season.


While the Falcons flame out in the playoffs every year, during the regular season they’re one of the most consistent teams in the league, why would that change now?


Eagles, Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Panthers, Cheifs


Eagles, Packers, Broncos, Ravens, Panthers, Chiefs


Eagles, Packers, Broncos, Ravens, Panthers, Falcons. Good luck this weekend


Browns, Pack, Steelers, Ravens, Tampa, Chiefs!


Eagles, Packers, Steelers, Buccanners, Falcons


Eagles – Terrible decisions made at QB, Weeden isn’t ready (will turn out ti be a poor pick), McCoy just isn’t very good, no matter how nice you think he is, Lewis may be the most prepared to play. Wallace should have been the starter. #LettingItGo

49ers – The 49ers are my choice to make the Super Bowl. Here, I think they have the superior defense, Smith has improved, and takes the next step. Rodgers is still Rodgers, but… they get the early season loss out the way. Its September, weather not a factor.
Steelers – The Manning era gets off to a rocky start. I don’t see Denver being able to run the ball vs Pittsburgh, Manning will complete over 20 passes, but he’ll feel it in the morning. Steelers new offensive approach takes flight
Ravens – The defense is old, but still nasty. The Bengals take a step back this year, not sure how effective they’ll be running the ball without Benson. They make a
Super Bowl run in honor of Art
Panthers – Cam builds off an impressive rookie season with better decision making, If the defense can improve, they could make a run at a Wild Card berth. Tampa Bay has Vincent Jackson, but I think this will come down to the QB that makes the fewest mistakes.
Chiefs – Falcons are usually very good during the regular season, but they are built for indoors. The Chiefs have the ability to run the ball, Hillis in for a big year. If Cassel can remain healthy (injuries decimated this team last year) Defensively Crennel will have them ready to play. Chiefs my early pick to win the West.

Eagles, Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Panthers, Chiefs

Eagles, Packers, Broncos, Ravens, Panthers, Falcons

Eagles, Packers, Broncos, Ravens, Panthers, Chiefs

Eagles, Packers, Broncos, Ravens, Panthers, Falcons
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