Cleveland Cavs Pick Up Option on Byron Scotts’ Contract

Cleveland Cavs Pick Up Option on Byron Scotts’ Contract

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According the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Cleveland Cavaliers will pick up the 4th year option on Byron Scotts’ contract, which is speculated to be around $4 million.

Through his first two years though his record with the Cavs is only 40-108, he’s been the man with the responsibility of guiding this young team back to contention.

In his second year he helped Kyrie Irving become Rookie of the Year, and has developed Tristan Thompson, Alonzo Gee and Samardo Samuels to be regular contributors to the team.

Scott to the job with the Cavs even without knowing if LeBron James would return to the team. In his first season the team suffered the worse losing streak in franchise and league history dropping 26 games straight.

Despite the losses the team has made progress his first two years at the helm. In his second year the team had only a 2 game win increase, but they were competitive night in night out.

Byron Scott has a track record of turning young teams around, in his 4th season in New Orleans the team made the playoffs and in the same year he earned Coach of the Year honors.

While the Cavs are indeed a young team, there’s a lot of potential that Scott is challenged with having to bring out.


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