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SI Players Poll Ranks Tebow and Sanchez Among Most Overrated

SI Players Poll Ranks Tebow and Sanchez Among Most Overrated

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One thing is for sure, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez garner attention anytime their name is mentioned.

In the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated magazine in a player poll, they ranked Mark Sanchez the most over rated with Tim Tebow finishing second.

This has to be a first with to players on the same team being in the top 5 and both of them being quarterbacks. But it seems as if this ranking is more sour grapes than substance. Mark Sanchez has at least taken his team to the brink of making the Super Bowl, won multiple playoff games. You can say what you want about Sanchez, but in his 4 years he has at least proven himself on the field, beyond all the glitz and glamour he gets.

When you look at Tebow, much of it is rooting for the person more than the player. Tebow as a quarterback isn’t the most conventional or productive. Yes, in the fourth quarter he shows up and balls out, however we can’t forget there are 3 other quarters that are just as important. While Tebow may not be the most overrated, he gets more credit for being good for such a small period of time than most players do.

Tony Romo, Michael Vick and Ray Lewis round out the list of most overrated. Over the years we’ve heard the rumblings that Romo doesn’t have what it takes to take his team to the next level. In 4 playoff games he only has 1 win an in his last appearance his team only scrounged up 3 points. The feeling with Romo is you can’t trust him, you never know when he’s going to go Tony ‘Uh Oh’. When you look at his numbers, he has 14 4th quarter comebacks, but there’s no trust in Romo when the game is on the line.

Vick and Lewis, I disagree with the former, however with Reverend Ray, after 17 years its understandable to have some drop off. Thing is, he’s been on a decline the last few years, and even the Ravens defense as a whole has been on a decline. I think though Lewis’ play hasn’t been top notch level, he provides an aura of stability that no one will be able to give them for a while. There’s something to be said about being comfortable with people, and knowing they’re always going to be there. So while his physical play at this point may be overrated, but with his leadership we’ll see how much he’s missed.

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