JbSmooth84.com Denver Nuggets 2012-2013 Preview

JbSmooth84.com Denver Nuggets 2012-2013 Preview

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The Nuggets are basketballs equivalent to footballs Houston Texans. Very good team, but not great. Always in the hunt for the playoffs, but no one ever considers these teams to be valiant title contender (sans this season where the Texans are 8-1). After trading Carmelo Anthony away the Nuggets weren’t interested in rebuilding, but retooling on the fly. They traded for JaVale McGee, shipping away NENE, and this summer trading for Andre Igudola and resigning Ty Lawson to a long term deal.

The Nuggets are full of guys who can run, jump, shoot and defend with some of the best in the league. Along with Lawson, they have the most underrated point guard of the last decade in Andre Miller to run the team.

The Nuggets have players like Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, who once they get hot are lights out shooters from the field. Igudola, a wing player who can dribble, shoot, drive to the basket and finish along with being an above average defender when engaged.

The issue I see is, there’s nothing the Nuggets do nothing that stands out to me. When you look at some of the top tier teams in the league, they have a calling card, the one thing they do best and they go to when things aren’t going there way. This team has a lot of B grade pieces, but no one that stands out as a super star talent.

Where things get interesting, is when you look at JaVale McGee. Coming from the Wizards he was thought to be a knuckle, while I won’t call him one, what I will say is, he does some knuckle head -ish things. However, if coach George Karl can channel that basketball mind he has and get him to minimize his gaffes McGee can ascend to being one of the top 5 big men in the game. He has all the athletic ability in the world, he comes from a basketball pedigree, and defensively is already a good shot blocker and rebounder. That should have Nugget fans feeling very optimistic, and with big men you have to show patience as they take longer to develop.

The Nuggets will more than likely make the playoffs barring some alien abduction that renders their team useless, but prognosticating how far they will is like trying to gauge the weather. But seeing them advance farther than maybe the second round is a reach. When the game is on the line, and you need a bucket, I’m not sure who this team looks too. Igudola, Lawson, McGee? I trust none of those guys at this point to be the man to get a shot for themselves or someone else to win the game today. That could change as the season goes along and they get to know each other better, but I’m in a show me first state of mind when it comes to this team

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