JbSmooth84.com Toronto Raptors 2012-2013 Preview

JbSmooth84.com Toronto Raptors 2012-2013 Preview

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The Raptors, what can I say about them…(thinking)….(still thinking)… Well, I don’t believe they’re the worse team in the league. However, they’re darn close. With a young roster, I see the Raptors going through a stretch where they don’t win many games, but improvement with the team will be seen. They added Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields, Linas Kleiza, so they will have an increase in offensive production, however, I don’t see this team being that solid on the defensive end of the floor. The Raptors are a young team that is missing a few pieces before they’ll be a consistent playoff team. Demar Derozan is a nice player who they just signed to an extension, if he continues to develop like he has during his first 3 years, he should be a solid cornerstone piece for the Raptors to build on. If their three rookies Quincy Acy, Terrence Ross, and Jonas Valanciunas can be anything better than average they will have a shot at the playoffs. The Raptors are a pretty young team with the average tenure of the team being 4 years of NBA service. It will be a few years before this team is contending for anything important, what will be key is showing some patience while this team goes through their growing pains

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